Headquartered in Monument City on the planet Terra Secundus, this military organization was established as a cooperative force that served the interests of humanity in defense from any external threats. The terms of the Eden Accord stipulated that the force consists of ten percent of each nation’s military power during peace time and up to thirty percent in times of war.

Before 2189, the MDF used weapons and equipment that were standard to their respective parent military. However, a program of standardization was implemented and today the MDF provides its own weapons and equipment while each member nation provides the staffing and funding requirements.

Peacetime efforts include the protection of vital transit corridors and frontier colonies not protected by traditional military forces. In addition, there are a number of strategically placed quick response units tasked with providing disaster relief until member units can arrive on site.

The commander-in-chief of the MDF, is the Prime Minister of the Council of the Core. The minister receives their guidance from the leaders of the contributing interstellar governments. The minister is assisted by the High Marshal, whom is the top military commander and the High Secretary, the top civilian liaison to the MDF. Both the marshal and the secretary serve four terms.

The MDF is divided into four forces. Each force is divided between deep space and interface components. The deep space units consists typically of a battleship, two cruisers, six destroyers, and two squadrons of interceptors and strike craft. The interface component consists of a battalion of marines with their supporting landing craft and assault vehicles. Other assets include replenishment, search and rescue, medevac, as well as deep space recovery and salvage units.

Each member of the MDF undergoes basic military training with their parent militaries before serving in the MDF. Once assigned for duty, service members attends a twenty-five day indoctrination course. A soft-ship tour with the MDF typically last two years, where a hard-ship tour last four years. It is not very common to find members that serve more than ten years of service with this organization.