The World Guide covers dozens of worlds that are part of the Twilight Run Universe.

Terran Worlds

The Tellusian populations began on Earth in the Sol system. They expanded into the local star group divided by numerous nationalities and organizations. Of all of the worlds inhabited by the homo-sapient races, Tellusian planets offer the most diverse cultures of the major human races.

Cetian Worlds

The Homo-sapient race known as the Cetians call the planet Cestisus their world of birth. Their extra solar expansion began only recently after making first contact with a Chinese exploration ship. This pushed them engage in a rapid exploration and expansion program that has brought their colonial efforts to the edge of Tellusian space.

Keo Terran Worlds

Keo Terrans are a Tellusian sub-race that have been genetically modified in order to grant them reclassification as a new branch of Homo-sapient. Though they originated on Earth, the planet Keo Terra is now their home world.

Independent Worlds

Not all worlds are controlled by nation states and corporations.

Aniran Worlds

The Homo-sapient race known as the Anirans have proven to be the most prolific branch of humanity. From their home world of Anira, they have quickly expanded out into the stars and have established the star faring nation known as the Omnium. to date, it is believed they have colonized over thirty worlds.