The Twilight Run Universe has been online since 2005 under the domain names of Twilightrun.com and Starshipguide.com. Created From the vision of Keith Auguillard, this expansive, futuristic universe can be explored visually through scores of custom images illustrating the starships and planets that are part of this creation.

Twilight Run is dedicated to providing a comprehensive platform through content and graphics. Our mission is to provide a high quality environment to engage the imagination of our visitors. We are also committed to providing frequent updates which will make Twilight Run even more immersive.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the long hours that have been used to provide the content of the site. We look forward to continuing this mission in expanding what is not only the largest collection of organic starship designs ever created for any genre but becoming the largest science-fiction universe that has not been published in print, television, or the movies.