In 1993, China instituted the China National Space Administration or CNSA. It is a government funded organization directed by the Chief Administrator whom is supported by the Vice Administrator. The primary headquarters is located in the city of Beijing.

On Earth, the CNSA operates two spaceports. The largest of these is in the Shanxi province, the other is in the Sichuan province. There are also four facilities in the Sol system. These are on Mercury, Luna, Mars and Europa. Outside of Sol, the CNSA operates facilities in the Alpha Centauri systems, Tau Ceti, Ross 780 and GL 880.

The employees of the CNSA are a mixture of military and civilian members. Although direct action military forces fall under the People’s Star Navy, the CNSA maintains dozens of patrol and interdiction vessels tasked with securing the transit routes between star systems. The civilian side of the CNSA is composed of the scientific, engineering and diplomatic offices.

The CNSA has a very rich history of accomplishments. This includes making China the third country in history to put a man in space and the second country to establish a lunar colony. It paved the way for China’s participation in the colonization of Terra Secundus in the Alpha Centauri system as well as the colonization of New Atlantis in the Tau Ceti system.

As of late, the CNSA has played an important role in fostering a close relationship between China and the Cetian Consortiums.