Shortly after first contact with the Anirans and Cetians, Keo Terra Interstellar and the IS-11 (United States, China, Britain, European Union, Latin Federation, Crescent League, Japan, India Australia, and Pan-African League) Terran governments established the Council of the Core. The mission of the Council was to offer a diplomatic medium for all the space faring powers as it would be nick-named the interstellar United Nations.

Initially, the Terran governments wanted the Council at the United Nations building in New York City. However, strong objections from the Omnium, Cetian Consortium, Keo Terra Interstellar and the Crescent League forced a revision to that request. Instead, the decision was made to locate it on Terra Secundus, in the Alpha Centauri A system. A neutral site known today as Monument City was created as the headquarters for the Council. It is the home of the bulk of the interstellar diplomatic villages and embassies throughout human controlled space.

The early years before the Council was notably riddled with infighting from the Terran nation states. Centuries of mistrust did not give way to the presence of the Aniran and Cetian people. The lesser Earth powers were also at odds with each other as well as the superpowers. Resources on Earth were increasingly restricted despite the off world imports flowing in from throughout the Sol system and beyond. They also did not have the same interstellar footprints as their wealthier brethren.

There was also issues with Keo Terra Interstellar. The hyper corp established itself as a formalized government and used its economic and military power to leverage and legitimize itself. This did not hold well with many of the Earth governments and a level of resentment has persisted ever since. Other hyper corps have tried a similar formula on smaller scales.

The Keo Terran made first contact with the Anirans of the Omnium. It presented a mixed bag of emotions for the Terran of Sol when the news was announced. The knowledge of a Homo-sapient race that had evolved outside of Sol caused major shifts in the Terran psyche. In addition, the knowledge that the Omnium had colonized more star systems than all of Earth’s nations combined, with a military force superior in both size and strength added to their initial tensions. However, a battery of diplomatic missions seemed to allay those concerns after the Omnium government expressed its desire to live in peace before proposing the groundwork for the establishment of the Council of the Core.

Shortly after the China's first contact with the Cetian Consortium, the Omnium proposal began gaining traction. With the full support of Keo Terra Interstellar, Australia, the Pan-African League, Japan, and the Latin Federation, the Consortium were also offered a seat in the Council. The response of the Consortium was positive, however, they did not sign until all the Terran space powers did. After five years of diplomatic negotiating, the Council of the Core was established.