Twilight Run is set in the first quarter of Twenty-third Century. Humanity has expanded into the local star group only to discover, there were already two other interstellar human civilizations in Earth's cosmic backyard.

First contact was with the Anirans, by the Hyper Corp Keo Terra Interstellar. This Homo-sapient branch belong to an interstellar government called the Omnium. It was quickly followed by Second Contact, with the Homo-sapient branch that call themselves Cetians. They were discovered by the Chinese.

Back on Earth, the introduction of two previously unknown branches of Humanity created political, religious, social, and scientific turmoil. Facing an onslaught of political backlash, the interstellar governments of Earth, the Omnium, and the Cetian Consortiums, established the Council of the Core.

Headquartered on Terra Secundus in the Alpha Centauri system, the council serves as the interstellar version of the United Nations. It is backed by the Mutual Defense Force, which was established to fulfill peace-keeping roles throughout human space. However, Omnium space does not fall under the jurisdiction of the MDF in accordance to the Eden Accords.

That was over twenty years ago and distrust still runs deep throughout human space. There have been numerous failed political efforts on Earth and her colonies to unify Terran populations into a single government. There is fear of the Omnium, due to their closed border policies. Many fear that the Council of the Core and the Mutual Defense Force will both fail if war breaks out between the interstellar powers.

But what is gripping many more people are the rumors of a hostile alien force somewhere beyond human space. A force with the intent of destroying Humanity in its entirety. Welcome to Twilight Run, human-kind’s fight for survival!




  • Shangyingu-class Cruiser

    The Shangyingu-class Cruiser offered a departure from traditional starship design. Equipped with two wing structures, a set of railguns were

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  • Orion-class Battlecruiser

    The Orion-class is the largest ship in the Chinese military. It was designed solely for the purpose of dominating the

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  • Gondwana-class Assualt Carrier

    The competition for star systems and habitable planets spurred The People’s Star Navy to request a specialty ship capable of

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