This is the office of the supreme military command for the Omnium. It supports both the Near Force Branch as well as the Deep Force branch. The Omniarch (First Chair) is the commander-in-chief of all military forces and assigns senior military members into the positions as needed.

The directorate is helmed by the Commander of Defense, and is supported by the Executive of Defense as well as their respective staffs. Both members are generally chosen, being the highest ranking member of either branch. These roles can last up to ten years. The commander communicates directly to the Omniarch.

Within the directorate, are two special organizations, the Integrated Operations Services (IOS) and the Omni Protection Services (OPS). The IOS serves as both the intelligence and special operations division. The OPS divisions are tasked with the internal and external security of the Omnium. All military units, except the Omniarch's personal forces report to the directorate.