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After the discovery of the tunnel drive, a handful of Tellusians nations and corporations created a colonial consortium that established the first extrasolar colony called Terra Secundus. This garden world became an instant beacon of new beginings for billions back on Earth. However, the cost of immigration to this planet always curtailed the flow of people that eventually made TerraSec their home.

The gravity of this world is not as strong as that of Earth, but it is still an ideal world for habitation. Similar to Earth, it has a rich biosphere that parallels that of the Tellusian home world. Due to the lower gravity, many species tend to be larger or taller, which now includes the latest generations of humans.

The First Colonization began with the United States, China, European Union, Russian Federation, Keo Terra Interstellar and Universium. According to the Extrasolar Charter of 2068, these parties were allowed to claim only fifty percent of the usable land mass. The remaining land mass would be reserved for follow on nations as they developed the means and resources to set up their own colonies.

Twenty years would pass before the Australians, Japanese, Indians and the Crescent League established their presence on TerraSec followed then by a number of other corporations and organizations.

This world is the second of what is called the Terran Triangle. This includes TerraSec, Earth and New Atlantis. It is a mix of Tier III and Tier IV communities that number in the hundreds. This planet was the first and last of the multi-national colonial efforts.

The importance of Terra Secundus provided the stepping stone needed for the greater colonial powers to expand further into deep space. Many of the largest orbitals ever constructed outside of Sol are built here. To this day, Terra Secundus serves as an integral part of Terran Core.