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New Atlantis was discovered by a Tellusian probe that confirmed the existence of this world. It was never observable from the telescopes back on Earth and no one was sure if a habitable planet would be present here. Due to the American focus on new colonies in the Struve 2398 and Epsilon Indi system, the European Union and China moved to establish a colony here in order to open new corridors of exploration and expansion.

The planet is made up of a super continent called Pamona. It was divided in half, with the Europeans taking the northern half and the Chinese taking the south. The islands and lesser land masses were set aside for other nations which included Canada, Korea and Brazil.

New Atlantis is the third point of the Terran Triangle which includes Earth and Terra Secundus. It also hosts the third largest population of Tellusians outside of Earth. This world is rated Tier IV on the European controlled regions and a mix of Tier III and Tier IV throughout the Chinese controlled areas. Although there is trade between the two sides locally, there is not much more of a relationship between them.

In recent times, Brazil has become the third largest power on this world. Its oceanic cities have allowed it to become the dominant naval power on world and has given the nation more sway off world. Politically, their voice has become more assertive also.

The general climate of this planet is warm and its biosphere in terms of complex life is limited. Biosciences had to alter the DNA of many Earth species to adapt to living on this world in order to provide farming and livestock. At least half of what is produced here is used to support other local worlds in this sector.