After the multi-national colonization of Terra Secundus, the United States pushed deep into the Terran Corridor using a fleet of explorers. During this push, the planet of New Washington was discovered in the Epsilon Indi system. It is a prime world that has been described as the pinnacle of America’s colonial power.

New Washington has the largest population of Americans outside of Earth and Terra Secundus. It is divided into twelve districts-states, each governed by a popular-elected governor.

The colonial capitol is the city of Cranberry. It is the third largest population center, and is home to three million. The largest city of Monroe boasts a population of five million and is the most populated US city outside the Terran Core. It is also the financial capital of the American Colonial Zone.

The economy of this world is diverse, There are a hosts of industrial, manufacturing, financial and resource reclamation entities that support the economies of New Washington as well as the American frontier.