Hallmark is a major colony world located in the frontier of the American Colonial Zone. The planet is noted for its opposing hemispheres. One half of the planet is covered by land and the other half is covered by water.

The planet does not rotate on its axis. Its fixed orbit exposes roughly 70 percent of its landmass to the sun which allows for a limited biosphere. However, the warm temperatures of this planet limited indigenous life to simple flora and fauna.

Ranching, farming, and solar energy production are key sectors of the economy of Hallmark. With earth-like gravity, many of the staples from Earth have been modified to grow here. With no recorded predators, most ranching is free range.

Three are three major communities and three dozen smaller ones. Most of them are connected by a first generation mag-lev system and solar highway network. Others are connected by air travel. They all connect to the colonial capitol city of Ross.

Ross is home to over fifty thousand people. The governor of this colony lives and works here. The cities of Denton, population twenty-nine thousand, and Yellow crust, population twenty-five thousand, serve as territorial capitols, and provide additional support to the dozens of farming and ranching communities.

Hallmark is a world of contrast. The cities are noted for their high standards of living despite the location of this world from Earth. Life away from the cities is described as a lot more stark and spartan.