House Francois

After Keo Terra Interstellar established its colony on the planet Keo Terra. The CEO Anmel Francois declared his family a dynasty. This is the only recognized ruling house in KTI space. The ruling member of the House serves as the head of state for all Keo Terran colonies. They also serve as the CEO of KTI. The current ruler is Maraise Francois.


The Kei Shipyards were built in orbit of Lodai, a moon that orbits Keo Terra. It is third largest builders of interstellar ships in Human space.

Ruby Way

The palatial estate of the CEO of Keo Terra Interstellar. It is a grand property located in the southwest quadrant of the city of Centralis and serves not only as the home, but the symbol of the wealth and power of the corporate empire.


Keo Terra Interstellar is a one-party state, with the real power lying with the House of Francois, who founded the star spanning nation. It is governed under a constitution which was drafted in 2121 also referred to as the Articles of Governance, which was signed in the city of Centropia on Terra Secundus. The unicameral legislature is called the Corporate Congress (CC), consisting of officers who are indirectly elected to terms of six years. The CC decides on national economic strategy, elects or removes high officeholders, and can recommend change to the constitution; it follows the directives of the Board of Governance. The Board serves as the executive branch, consisting of the president, who is both head of state and head of the government. This official has always been a member of the Francois family. The other members of the board include the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Administrator, and the Chief Security Administrator. These officials are elected by the CC to serve 12 year terms. Once elected, they answer only to the president. Only the president has the power to remove any government official at any time.

This HyperCorp asserted itself early on as a major interstellar player. Its base of power radiates from the planet of Keo Terra in the Procyon system. Other colonial assets include the colonies of Inca, Titania, Songhai, as well as their holdings in Sol and Alpha Centauri.

Due to an incident that happened early on in the corporation's exploration and colonial days, KTI maintains a large military force. The Keo Terra Expeditionary Forces (KTEF) is the military arm of Keo Terra Interstellar charged with defending the nations assets in deep space both in the home system and in its territories. These forces consist of four branches. Force Green (Army), Force Blue (Air and Low Orbit Force), The Black (High Orbit Force) and the Blue (Wet Navy). This service is commanded by the President.

The Keo Terra Defense Force (KTDF) is the military arm of Keo Terra Interstellar, charged with system defense of all the family, corporate, and colonial assets and territories. These forces consist of three branches. Force Green (Planet Control Command), Force Black (Deep Space Command), and Force Gray (Special Operations Command). This force is under control of the Director of Security, traditionally a member of the family, as well as a member of the Corporate Congress. Actions must be approved through the Corporate Congress before any conventional military forces can be mobilized. Special operations units are exempt.