The Homo-sapiens race called the Anirans are from a planet in the Beta Canum Venaticorum system. These humans are believed to be transplants and not indigenous to the planet Anira. Physically, they resemble Tellusians on the outside, but have seemingly undergone genetic modifications that classify them as Evo IV, maybe even Evo V. Many Tellusian scientist believe that Anirans could be considered Homo-Superiors.

Anirans are not divided by factions based on nationalities. The entirety of these peoples are ruled by a triumvirate known as the Omniarchs, all of whom are answerable to the Pillars of Life, which are the foundations of Aniran civilization. Their nation is called the Omnium.

Unlike the billions of Tellusians that are known to exist, Anirans only number in the millions. However, they have proven to be more unified in their purpose and vision which has allowed them to colonize more worlds than all of the nations and corporations of Earth combined.

The Aniran people are very stand offish towards outsiders. There are not a lot of Tellusians or Cetians for that matter that can be found residing in Omnium space. To one another however, they are very family oriented and value community. There is a sense of pride and accomplishment that surrounds them and is often times reflected during conversations.

Anirans enjoy the typical freedoms of a free society framed by the articles of the Pillars of Life. All of their leaders not including the Omniarchs and their Inner Circle, are duly elected by the general population. However, these officials serve at the leisure of their constituents and in certain situations can be removed from position by an inquiry if it is proven they are not representing their position according to law.