Venus was the last in the inner solar system worlds to be colonized. The harsh conditions of this world proved challenging for the science and engineering communities on Earth. In time, these huddles were conquered, and the first colonists arriving here were the scientists and engineers.

The surface is scarred with remnants of volcanic activity and a geological history of a runaway greenhouse effect. Despite being further from the Sun than Mercury, this world is much hotter at sea level. When combined with the atmospheric contents and pressure levels, human life on the surface of Venus is non-existent.

The atmosphere is an active one with clouds that can produce lightning. The conditions here allow snow to condensate and produce precipitation and fast moving winds up to sixty times the rotation of the planet.

The skies of Venus are webbed with eighteen inter-connected cities that float through the Venusian atmosphere. The heavy carbon dioxide based atmosphere is much denser than that of Earth and allows humans to live comfortably in these sky borne communities.

The economy of Venus is centered around the automated surface mining, tourism, research, and education. There are six corporations that conduct extreme mining on the hazardous surface. This is done by using automated mining systems that require very little human interaction.

The floating cities draw tourists from all over the solar system. There are dozens of high end hotels and resorts that cater to these visitors. Many of them are havens for extreme sports and environment enthusiast. Venus hosts a large community of corporate and privately owned research facilities. Many of these are satellites from parent facilities located in orbit or back on Earth. Others have their roots on this world.

All of the food produced here is hydroponically in large, silo-like structures. Food production satisfies the basic requirements of the Venusian population, but many look to imports from Earth for more decadent fare.

Housing is always at a premium here. Most newcomers have to be sponsored in order to gain access to temporary quarters. Permanent housing requires employment or membership into a family.














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