Colonized by the United States of America, Roosevelt attracted many people who were seeking to colonize the nearby star systems. It started with a few families who wanted to make a brand new start, and continues as a trickle today.

The city of Concord is the planet's capitol. It is a city built with traditional Victorian architectural themes. It has a population of 12 thousand. Unlike many of the other worlds in American controlled space, people live all over the planet's surface. Scores of settlements dot the landscape, both above the ground and along the coastlines. The terrain is mostly dry, for the exception of dense vegetation located in the eqatorial regions.

Scientist have identified almost forty thousand species of plants and animals. Many of these life forms have been incorporated into the diets of the residents. There are three thousand types of species consumed both here and throughout the Gliese 687 systems. This has made Roosevelt one of the largest exporters of natural foods in the American frontier.

Roosevelt has many popular attractions. Some of these include the Blue Shore Aquapark, the Hassan Shopping District, and the National Museum of Humanity. There are hundreds of holoarcades, parks, and recreational facilities that cater to the needs of the locals and visitors. It is estimated that five million people travel to this world every year.



Radius: 5280 km
Gravity: 0.83G
Orbit Period: 12.93 days
Rotation: 0 hrs
Mean Temp: 252K/-21C
Atmosphere: 0.79 atm
Water / Ice Index: 42.68
Population: 254,700













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