Pittman is a barren planet that possesses little plant life or water. The surface of the planet is covered with less than twelve percent water. The land mass is divided into two super continents that are separated by three ribbon-like bodies of water. The primary terrain features include small patches of woodlands and grasslands, canyons, gorges, and mountain ranges. A small network of rivers and lakes are also scattered around the planet.

The arrival of the colonists began at a region called Mineskar. Here the city of Ureski was established in 2183. The capitol city of Gaston, founded in 2185, was built 370 kilometers to the south. To date, there are seventeen cities spread out around the planet's surface. Several of these cities have populations of less than one hundred thousand residents.

The architectural theme of this world is composed of a series of squat Spanish-style buildings mixed with Mayan inspired pyramid structures. These communities are built on multi-level terraces which makes the cities appear larger than they actually are. Features such as cobblestone streets and solar powered lamps add a flavor of tranquility and quiet living in these population centers.

The people of Pittman are reknown for their fine craftsmanship. Pottery, ceramics, and furniture are the primary exports which all have a style that is unique to this world. Many of the artisans practice age old handcrafting techniques rather than relying on high tech mass production.

The Shair Clay Fields are one of the richest deposits of quality clays in the sector. The city of Tsai Binna is home to the Tutsi School of Artisans in which some of the Core's best students have attended to learn these ancient arts. Other popular places of interest include the Sumatra Festival Grounds, the Galena Opera House, and the Museum of Ancient History.

Reptiles, birds and fish are the most advanced vertebrates on this world. Several species of reptiles have mammalian qualities but are still classified as reptiles. To date, sixty thousand types of flora and fauna have been catalogued by the American Institute of Science. One of the most popular animals here is the Salaskow, which has been domesticated for consumption in the local diets.

The people of Pittman have become accustomed to living in an environment that is less than ideal. Though there are collections of woodlands scattered about, they are underscored by endless expanses of barren terrain.



Radius: 7,246 km
Gravity: 1.25g
Orbit Period: 2.68 days
Rotation: 0 hrs
Mean Temp:301 k
Atmosphere: 7.56atm
Water / Ice Index: 28.8%
Population: 72,500













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