The European Union explored the Gliese 144 in 2151 with little hope of discovering a habitable planet. To the surprise of the survey team, the fifth planet in this system proved to be a gem. The excitement that followed paved the way for the arrival of the first colonist in 2179. Only five thousand people made up the original detachment.

Today, the planet is called Pace. This planet is half the size of Earth. A continous super continent accounts for seventy-two percent of the surface area. The climate here is dry and rugged. There are also small outcroppings of mountains and woodlands. The rivers tend to be wide and slow moving, stretching out for hundreds and thousands of kilometers from start to finish.

The first city built here was named Shimala. The capitol of the planet is located in the city of Monteceito. Over seventeen population centers dot the landscape housing nearly two-hundred thousand residents. Due to the frequent flooding that occurs around the planet, the cities here have been built on platforms. They are set anywhere from ten to thirty meters above the ground.

The European Extrasolar Institute have discovered one hundred and thirty thousand species of flora and fauna. Nearly forty eight percent of the species of trees here bear fruit of some kind. Two hundred and twenty types of edible fruits are consumed by the residents of this world.

This diversity of fruits opened the doors to the construction of huge fruit farms located around the globe. These a primarily automated, producing over a million tons of fruit a year. These crops are fed not only to the locals, but sent everywhere throughout the Core.

The demand for the cash crops of Pace required the construction of the Soboloski star port. Completed in 2208, it is currently it is the fifth busiest port in this part of space. Other places of interest include the Galactic Termitel Museum and the Hammond Holographic Opera House.

The people of Pace often describe themselves as the ultimate nature lovers. Thousands of nature trails, observation points and camping grounds can be found around the planet. Fishing, hiking and tree jumping are the most popular outdoor pastimes.

This is not a popular planet to visit. Only a handful of star-rated hotels and restaurants can be found planet side. However, the tourist that do visit this world receive the same levels of service and friendliness found on any other planet.



Radius: 3579 km
Gravity: 1.16G
Orbit Period: 69.79 days
Rotation: 111 hrs
Mean Temp: 255K/-18C
Atmosphere: 1.7 atm
Water / Ice Index: 28.11
Population: 75,050













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