Open Space Zones (OSZ) or regions are the areas of space sandwiched between the interstellar transit corridors. These vast stretches are sparsely populated and serve as bases of operations for pirates, researchers and independents. Although there are a number of new small colonies scattered in the OSZ, none are beleived to have the amenities of the Core worlds.

OSZ have attracted people from various walks of life. It is a magnet for those seeking adventure, new beginnings, and knowledge. The lure of discovering alien artifacts and new life forms seems to be the major reasons people travel here. Others seek to free themselves from the bonds of governance from the nation-states and corporations.

Some of these regions do offer a lightly developed transit system that uses a handful of celestial bodies and way stations between locations. They often times have to provide their own security due to the absence of patrols from governmental agencies or militaries.In time, however, many governments have made it clear that these secluded regions will soon be developed as they seek to consolidate the empty spaces inside the Core.

This has become more apparent as of late due to the increased presence of Mutaual Defense Force ships seen patrolling deeper into the OSZs using both manned and unmanned craft.

A host of science organizations have increased their interests also. It is estimated that dozens of research facilities have been built throughout these regions with scores still in development. In addition, a steady force of survey and research ships continue to flow in. There are no time tables on how long these missions are scheduled to take due to the fractured nature of doing business in these distant reaches.













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