For generations, the Indian government played catch up to other interstellar colonial powers. Shortly after the discovery and colonization of Chandigarh, the planet Kendriya became the second habilitable planet India colonized on its own. The initial survey yielded one of the most beautiful worlds discovered to date. It was a virgin paradise that its colonists claimed surpassed even Earth.

Slightly over forty percent of the surface is covered with land. SUrface area is composed of a singular continent and diverse terrains than that of the home world. This planet was placed on the top of the wish list by the Indian Office of Colonization (IOOC) and after colonization was placed under a strict environmental policy in order to preserve the planets beauty.

These cities were modeled and engineered as those on Earth. Aesthetically, they would resemble ancient India. Kendriya was divided into twenty-seven sectors with a city would being built in each one. Ten years after the arrival of the first colonists, nearly two million people had been transplanted here. At the present time, almost thrity million people make this planet their home.

Kendriya has one of the most active ecologies in Terran space. To date, scientist have discovered nineteen million species of plants and animals. Everything from single cell invertebrates to huge ground-shaking mammals roam the vast terrains. Birds rule the skies and fish rule the seas. Nearly a third of the species are categorized as flora. Plants have conquered every clime and terrain feature. They are so abundant that no desert has been allowed to form, no mountain has gone uncovered, and the deepest seas are home to benthic carpets.

The people of Kendriya understand that they have something very unique here. There are only three dozen recreational facilities outside of the cities. These include beaches, fishing lakes, cliff climbing, and race tracks. Everything else is provided inside the huge cities. The entertainment community provides an assortment of top notched plays and operas. Holographic and virtual reality dens can be found practically on every street corner. There are also a number of zoos and amusement parks. Sporting events are very popular here too. Twelve professional teams maintain arenas and training facilities here. Sports include baseball, basketball, soccer, and cricket. Even the residents get involved in their own sporting communities.



Radius: 3623 km
Gravity: 0.74g
Orbit Period: 4.71 days
Rotation: 0 hrs
Mean Temp: 260K/-13C
Atmosphere: 0.38 atm
Water / Ice Index: 41.91
Population: 27,000,000













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