The Hedge defense network is a four-tiered system that is essentially fully automated. The command and authentication structure of the network is controlled by Omniun Near Force Command.

Tier one defends the furthest regions of a star system beyond the planetary zones. It is full of variously sized debris, such as rocks, planetoids, and other rocky waste. It is here, the snoopers(unmanned scouts) operate a continuous and vigilant watch. The snoopers of this tier are both stationary and mobile. They are always in constant communication with each other and the Hedge command facility in order to provide the data needed to coordinate with other units.

Tier two defends the outer planetary region of a solar system. This ring of defense is occupied by snoopers and fleet interdiction units. Fleet interdiction ships are broken down into two sizes. The smaller size, called swarmers, are small unmanned attack ships that are equipped with a payload of anti-spacecraft weaponry. Their mission is to use both their payloads and sheer numbers to overpower invading starships or fleets. The larger fleet interdiction ships are called sentinels. These unmanned ships are roughly the size of a fleet action ship. It is a system defense arsenal ship that provides heavy support for the swarmer units assigned to this tier.

Tier three represents the inner planetary zone. In this zone, swarmers and sentinels are more numerous. They are accompanied by a network of deep space battle stations that add to the effectiveness of the Hedge defense network.

Tier four consists of the planetary surfaces themselves. The crusts and atmospheres of various moons, asteroids, and other planetary bodies are home to additional system defense facilities. Anti-ship missile batteries are the primary weapons of choice. Additional swarmer squadrons may also be assigned to this tier.

The network provides four to six corridors of transit within a star system for non-military travel. Like every other point of the system, nothing can move without being detected, tracked and if necessary engaged. The sensitivity of the system is so precise that it can detect the movement of pebble-sized objects throughout its area of operation.

The Hedge is a state-of-the-art technology platform that designers feel will ensure the survivability of a star system during an invasion. Its primary purpose is to delay the approach of invading ships in order to buy time for Near Force warships if needed. It can also link with Deep Force assets when available.