The travel industry is one of the largest in the human space. It is estimated that over a billion people a month are on vacation and this has created a demand for travel agencies and vacation getaways unparalleled in history.

The major travel industries are centered around cruise ships, rentals, resorts, and site seeing. With literally hundreds of planets and moons open to travel, vacationers can choose from a diverse collection of destinations.

The cruise ship industry is by far the most popular. Millions of people travel every week across the stars seeking romance as well as being treated like royalty. Often times, cruises can be booked up months in advance. This has created a construction boom for the ship construction industry.

Rentals are another popular choice. Vacationers seeking a private getaway choose to rent flits or shuttles that allow them the freedom to travel interplanetary distances during the length of the rental contract. Often times, renters are enticed with huge discounts on packages. These packages may take them to half a dozen or so locations within the fuel range of the rental vehicle. Planetary rentals are also popular. These may include all-terrain crawlers, grav sleds, boats, and aircraft. The choices are often limited to the type of terrain or atmosphere a planet or moon possesses.

On many worlds and in orbit, resorts are huge attractions. Some of them are so big in fact, they have their own spaceport, food production, and power production facilities. Many of these tourist magnets, can house tens of thousands of visitors at a time. They are also equipped with the finest in entertainment and sleeping accomadations the planet has to offer.

Site seeing packages can be found virtually everywhere. Tourism was one of the prime markets in the early days of interstellar expansion of the fledgling colonies and remains so taday. Most inhabited planets built sites in order to showcase their planets to visitors and future colonists. These sites may include natural landmarks, entertainment venues, cultural venues, museums, sports venues, amusement facilities, etc...

The Nexus also provides the travellers with a host of options. Not only are travel packages ordered from the Nexus, there are millions of locations cataloged in the holographic library that people can access. These packages are often times free. The holographic option is a popular choice because it allows the vacationer to conduct their trip at their own pace from the comfort of their home.