Solar skin is a treatment that can be added to almost anything that receives solar light. It can be used to generate power for the smallest devices to the largest orbital structures. It can be fashioned in either a rigid or flexaible state and is ussually integrated with materials from the graphene family.

This skin has many uses. In cities, it is fabricated into buildings on both the rooftops as well as their vertical surfaces. This process makes these buildings virtually energy independent. Another advantage of this technique is providing better temperature control during seasonal changes within structures that utilize this technology.

Transit corridors are another common recipient of this technology. They are used to link the buildings along their routes into a power grid that is supported by energy banks that can store excess energy.

In space, it is used on space stations and star ships. It is more efficient the closer to the star the construct is generally. The skin can provide energy used for daily operations, life support, and even sub-stellar travel. Most space faring vessels are covered with the material