The rapid synthetic-typing industrial unit (RSIU) is a powerhouse technology. It allows the construction of tools and materials anywhere at anytime. This technology was crucial for the expansion of humanity into the Sol system and as well as into the stars.

These units use nano fabricators, that build items atom by atom. The user must access the RSIU's library in order to instruct it on what to build. Once the selection is made, the computer core directs the material core to prepare the material needed for the requested item. Once the materials are created, the computer core then directs the construction core to begin the fabrication of the object.

Each unit is equipped with a computer core that contains an extensive library of formulas and diagrams. The data contained within a core instructs the RPIU on how to create the materials needed and how to assemble the materials into the requested item.

The construction core can vary in size and capability. Consumer models tend to be only a meter in height, width, and depth. Industrial models can be hundreds of times that size. Construction times will vary based on the size and detail of the object.

The material core stores the molecular material needed for production. This chamber is often called the "Molgoo" chamber because it holds the material in what appears to be a goo-like state. The larger the chamber is, the greater the industrial capability of the RSIU. Industrial models are also equipped with molgoo synthesizer. This device allows the material core to automatically generate material as needed.

Factory complexes will contain numerous RSIUs that are linked into a mass production network. These networks can be controlled by a central computer core and feed by a communal material core . This setup is commonly used on uninhabited moons and onboard factory ships.

Consumer RSIUs can be used to fabricate textiles, food, furnishings, and other private sector products. They are ussually linked to the Nexus giving consumers instant access to the latest designs and download it to their RSIU.