The Gliese 880 star system was a key point of survey for the Chinese government. Early extra solar observation from their Star Snooper Telescope indicated that there was a number of small planets here. When the first survey team made a visit and found that the second planet met Rheims habitability standards. Ten years later, the first colonist arrived, and Fenghaung was colonized.

Fenghaung is a dark world by Earth's standards. Its surface areas is a ribbon of dark colored soils that wrap around a variety of large bodies of water, covering sixty-three percent of the planet's surface. The water is a mixture of light blues and browns. Fenghaung is also dominated with high winds and continuous rain. The predominant terrain features are the hills and valleys that are a result of these weather conditions. The coastal plains are constantly attacked by flooding from the higher elevations.

Moss and fungus rule this world from pole to pole. There are different types of small shrub like plants, but these do not grow in abundance. Outside of a few hundred species of insects and fish, no other types of animals live here. The oceans here tend to be more shallow than the oceans of other planets. The Astoria Ocean, for example, is only 400 meters deep.

The cityscapes of the population centers are a sight to behold. There is an eerie beauty in the chaotic combinations of colors and shapes of the buildings. Over two hundred thousand people live here in three cities.

Favorite foods on Fenghaung include fungus and fish dishes are the natural favorites on Schuster. The streets are lined with thousands of cafes that serve a wide variety of fungi-based appetizers and beverages. The Sand Fish is one of the most sought after dishes around. They are found primarily in the oceans of the southern hemisphere where they are harvested for the cities around the world. All attempts to breed these fish in captivity have failed. Another favorite dish on this world is Tinaba bread. It is a combination of a common mushroom called the Kalab Head, ground down and mixed with Sliver Fish and other ingredients.

This world is still considered a frontier world and continues to receive a steady influx of colonists from China as well as other parts of southeast Asia.



Radius: 6917 km
Gravity: 1.19g
Orbit Period: 26.47 days
Rotation: 211.1 hrs
Mean Temp: 262K/-11C
Atmosphere: 5.94 atm
Water / Ice Index: 36.04
Population: 225,300













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