Concordia is the second planet in the 82 Eridani star system, it attracted a lot of attention with its garden-like biosphere and its size. At the time, it was one of the largest Earth-like planet discovered.

This planet's surface is 60% water. The land mass is essentially one super continent located in both the western and eastern hemispheres. There are also several island chains. The geography consists generally of woodlands, hills, grasslands, and plains.

Farming is one of the largest exports of Concordia. This world is also the largest breeder of livestock in Terran space. It is estimated that almost half a billion head are raised here annually. Due to the Eden Protection Act, the entire farming and ranching industry was limited to a total of 600 facilities.

The European Extrasolar Institute has cataloged 78 species of flora and 235 species of fauna to date. Xenobiologist were somewhat suprised initially by the low numbers, but scientists recently discovered that the planet had been hit by a large meteor 600 years ago. This caused the extinction of scores of species.

There are thirty megaplexes. These are large sprawling cities absent of skyscrapers. Most of the structures here are no more than ten stories tall. These communities are reflective of historical Europe, decorated with cobblestone streets, and elegant wood and stone works. These cities are a testament to the skillfull craftsmanship practiced by the inhabitants.

The Sur Leigh Valley is home to the Sur Latt Brewery. It is reknowned for its high quality beer and ale products. Another reason that this brewery is so popular is because there is very little competition in this particular market on Paradise, Isis, and Cassie's Landing. Another place of interest is the Miller Preserve. It has been rated as one of the finest botanical gardens in European Union space.

The people of Concordia are very family oriented. Weekly festivals are held throughout each community to honor traditional family-values. These are public events with games, food and entertainment. They will last anywhere from two hours to two days.

Concordia also has various opera houses, sporting venues, and gathering centers. Tourism is not a large trade here, but those that do visit are tantalized by the Old World charm and are never disappointed.



Radius: 6500 km
Gravity: 0.92G
Orbit Period: 125.45 days
Rotation: 44.8 hrs
Mean Temp: 273 k
Atmosphere: 0.26 atm
Water / Ice Index: 60%
Population: 59,910,000













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