Science has provided the tools necessary for technical evolution. From the early days of stone, wood and bronze tools, the gradual understanding of the world and how it works set the stage for humanity's ascent to the stars. Here is an overview of some of these technological breakthroughs.

Perhaps, the greatest door that opened was the ability to travel the solar system and beyond. Technology propelled science into directions that built colonies on Mars, sent probes to other star systems, and connected thousands of cultures into a unified community.

The freedom of space travel exploded by the inroads achieved in the understanding of stellar mechanics. The ability to manipulate gravity provided the foundations needed to build the tunnel drive. It also provided the platforms needed to build the new sensors and computers needed to navigate through deep space. Further, it opened doors to extra planetary and extra solar fields of science in which the colonies needed for self-sustainability.

Artificial intelligence was never implemented on a global-scale. Early tests determined that the risks of security and control were to great, so most nations either banned large-scale AI  utilization or placed it under heavy regulations. Orbitals and colonies that are independent of the laws of the nation-states are common employers of this technology.

Biosciences created a firm understanding of genetics and unlocked the secrets of life not only on Earth, but everywhere. Medical advances provided disease-free living and longevity. For example, the average human today expects to have a life span of two hundred or more years. Some of the other benefits biosciences offer is the ability to create artificial environments on hostile worlds, zero-gravity conditions, terra forming, and genetic manipulation. Most governments have strict laws that limit the latitudes where genetic alteration on humans are permitted.

These are just some examples of the many miracles of modern-day science. Advances in weapons, defenses, energy etc... has given humanity the ability to create and destroy far beyond anything conceived in the past.













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