One the the major changes incorporated into the Arcadia, is its tender capabilities. It provides facilities allowing it to carry one battleship, four cruisers/fleet action ships, four destroyers and seventy-two interdictors internally. The internal hanger bays allow the Arcadia to conduct deep space fleet operations providing both maintenance and repair work to its escort ships.

There are over eight-thousand staterooms used to accommodate the ships crew, troops, and special guests. Each berthing is equipped with personal hygiene, entertainment, storage and sleeping facilities. They tend to be quite spacious, taking advantage of the ships large size. In addition, there are gymnasiums, theatres, swimming halls, holoarcades, and other off-duty entertainment facilities to ease the monotony of deep space patrol.

The Arcadia is powered by a trio of enriched fusion torches. This energy is used to power the weapons, defenses, life support, gravity control, stealth packages, and other systems necessary to make this vessel work. In theory, the ship can operate on two of these torches in the event that one is disabled.

The massive Paladin XIII computer network makes the ship fully automated. Under the control of the ship's commanding officer, its massive computing power has made it one of the most powerful systems of its kind in the Terran/Keo Terran space. In conjunction with a hyper-optic relay system the ship is always aware of both external and internal activities, which include the detection unauthorized visitors. Another feature that makes these ships so valuable is the onboard factory complexes. The Arcadia is equipped with three such facilities that allow it to repair any worn systems or build one completely from scratch. These factories can be used to provide emergency supplies to orbitals or planet side colonies. By using a network rapid prototyping and nano construction modules, objects that include replacement interdictors, medicine, textiles, food, tools, etc... can be built.

Although the emphasis of the Arcadia has been placed on combat, the Paladin XIII computer allowed for a smaller yet highly effective fleet command facility. The onboard admiral can coordinate and if needed control the battle flag and her escort ships in times of combat. The holographic war room will display real-time data regarding everything being monitored. The scale of the monitoring ranges from a single planet, a single solar system, or every solar system within four light years of the ship. It uses the information collected from other ships, snooper probes, and deep space sensors to accumulate as much information as possible in order to generate the data.

  • BUILDER: Keo Terra Interstellar
  • LENGTH: 1,600 meters
  • COMPLEMENT: 515 officers, 6700 crew.
  • PURPOSE: Command flag, fleet support.
  • INTERSTELLAR SPEED: 0.18 ly per day
  • OFFENSIVE PROFILE: Four anti-ship electromagnetic accelerators; Thirty exoatmospheric linear particle cannons; Eight endoatmospheric linear particle cannons; Forty neutrino emitters; Seventy-six kinetic missile launchers with 240 missiles each
  • DEFENSIVE PROFILE: One molecular harmonizer; Reinforced density armor; Sixty point defense filament systems













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