The Anazasi is both a combatant and a mobile command base, the ship is equipped with extensive command, control and communication systems. This allows Centarium admirals to coordinate both the ship and its fleet in deep space operations with greater flexibility in tactical and strategic protocols.

As a heavy weapons platform, this ship was designed around a a huge electromagnetic cannon. This system alone gives the ship the ability to main if not destroy other Terran capitol ships with a single hit. To complement the long range effectiveness of the cannon, there are kinetic missiles which provide additional anti-ship capability. The batteries of plasma cannons and neutrino emitters are designed to attack enemy ships at short to medium ranges. This impressive array of weaponry has made this ship a force to be reckoned with.

The personnel that serve on board these ships have always remarked on how comfortable and spacious the accommodations are. Each member is assigned their own quarters. There are five-hundred staterooms onboard. These quarters house not only the ship's company, but troops, guests, and flight crews.

  • BUILDER: Keo Terra Interstellar
  • LENGTH: 422 meters, 1,266 feet.
  • COMPLEMENT: 98 officers, 494 crew.
  • WEAPONS: One electromagnetic cannon, five particle cannons, four neutrino emitters, six missile launchers.
  • PURPOSE: Ship to ship combat; area-denial.
  • INTERSTELLAR SPEED: 0.13 ly per day.
  • OFFENSIVE PROFILE: One anti-ship electromagnetic accelerator; Two exoatmospheric linear particle cannons; Four endoatmospheric linear particle cannons; Two neutrino emitters; Six kinetic missile launchers with 110 missiles each.
  • DEFENSIVE PROFILE: One molecular harmonizer; Reinforced density armor; Thirty point defense filament systems.
  • INTERFACE: 12 shuttles; 12 interceptors.
  • DEPLOYMENT: 4 active.
  • IN SERVICE: The Centarium













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