Americana was the first independent American colonization outside of SolSys.The capitol of Americana is New Columbia. It is a thriving metropolis located on the western shores of the Dagger Tooth Straights. New Columbia is home to the first colonists that arrived here from the United States. Their six-year journey was the culmination of extensive probe missions that verified that this world was suitable to human life

Americana is home to eighteen major cities and scores of townships. The landscape is littered with millions of trees that is reminiscent of the American northwest back on Earth. There are a wide variety of coniferous type plants that make up the flora here, in company with an assortment of flowers and grasses. The temperature here is slightly colder than that on Earth, and the altitudes are higher.

Transit across the continent of New Columbia consists of electronic highways and maglev lines. Air travel is another popular option. Most citizens here have access to public transportation. In some regions, it is called communal transportation. This means that several individuals may have access to the same vehicles, based on scheduling and needs.

Communications here are both modern and convenient. Every major community is equipped with a wireless network, an interplanetary network, and an extra solar network. Each transit corridor that connects the communities of Americana have local communication coverage for ten kilometers on either side. With millions of acres of unsettled land, the citizens of Americana cannot go into any restricted area without a planetary communicator.

At present, there are thirty-million people that live here in an area that is equivalent to the size of the United States. However, the US State Department only allows ten thousand arrivals here every year. Every family that arrives here is granted ten acres of land near one of the major cities, or three acres of land around one of the townships. This control of the number of people allowed to transfer from Earth to Terra Secundus has allowed Americana to be developed without any strain on its resources.



Radius: 5202 km
Gravity: 0.82G
Orbit Period: 3.1 days
Rotation: 0 hrs
Mean Temp: 299K/5C
Atmosphere: 0.76 atm
Water / Ice Index: 42.68
Population: 225,000













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